Tuesday, November 27, 2007


First copy of the ARC showed up today, and I got to hold it! Yow!!
Kinda surreal.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kindle. Cool?

It's white, sleek, offers a totally new design and is made by Amazon. Yes, Amazon.
With a different kind of screen than computers, this *might be* much easier on the eyes and better for reading.
It definitely looks easy to curl up with.

So what do you guys think? Is this to books/readables what the iPod was/is to music?


OK! For those of you who've heard this week's "Contest Content" episode, this is only going to further explain what you already know--hopefully with more clarity. For the rest of you, check this:

I am giving away THREE collector's edition *signed* Advance Reading Copies of Jack Wakes Up next month just in time for XMas. What do you have to do to qualify for this drawing? Just one thing: go to iTunes and write a review of JACK WAKES UP (HERE).

Fact is, you guys have been doing an awesome job of helping me get notice for This Is Life and the Seth Harwood feed on iTunes, which is now up to 39 great reviews and getting real recognition on the Podcasts>Arts>Literature page over in the US store. We're getting ever closer to my goal of FIFTY. Thanks a ton for your help with that! I think 50 is very doable. If you haven't already, add one here. OK? OK.

Sadly, though, Jack Wakes Up, (our baby) only has NINE reviews and it needs way more, so it too (and especially) can get some big recognition on iTunes before Palms Sunday! So please do add a review.

In a few weeks, on Dec. 16th, I'm going to draw TWO names live on the show from those of you who wrote reviews for Jack Wakes Up and ONE from those of you who wrote reviews for This Is Life! That means you can have at least two chances to win the book. (Want more chances? Have your friends write great reviews and use them to try for the book!) Let's see how many we can collect for Jack Wakes Up before XMas, ok? I know you guys are the best crime fiction fans on the internet, and now it's time show iTunes and everybody else!!

Thanks for your support.
Your Palms Daddy #1

new interviews coming from Dwight Dunlop and...

On another note, if you liked this week's interview with Paul Caggegi, there's another new one that's just come out! Dwight Dunlop, a long-time listener and hardcore Palms Daddy, just interviewed me here. Look for a third interview coming out on the 26th at In For Questioning. And yes, I've been a very busy little crime writer.

Also, I just did another episode of Word Sushi that's coming out on 11/23. (It's Mark Nemcoff's video project on writing.) Look for it coming soon!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

How to Make a Cosmopolitan!

Our pal George Smyth has me featured on his latest episode of One Minute How-To. Today's entry: How to Make a Cosmo. Yes, here's my down and dirty recipe for one of the Palms Nation's favorite drinks. (No, it's not ALL about the beer bong...)

Check it out here.

Please drink responsibly.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Interview Up

Hey cats, I just sat down last week with Down-Under interviewer/podcaster Paul Caggegi for his show The Process Diary. We talked about a vast many things, writing related: the writing process, the upcoming Jack Wakes Up release, short stories, influences, and whatever else we could get our heads around.
You can listen to the interview here (interview).

My voice sounds a little weird, but I hope you'll like this little peek behind the scenes.
More of Paul's podcast is here.

(Of course, if you're subscribed to my podcast feed (subscribe here if you haven't) then you already got this interview in your podcatcher today.)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

More good news!

In addition to the picture from the last post about the Raiders, the really good news is what you see below: that the new issue of Thrilling Detective is out now and that an excerpt from THIS IS LIFE is prominently featured.
So check it out and also read my review of Richard Aleas' SONGS OF INNOCENCE.

Who said you can't go to a Raider game without doing a beer bong?

Oh yeah, this guy said it.

See if you can check out the audio system in the back of this thing. They told us it was worth more than the car.