Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogarhythm nor Bloggorrhea

This's the day after the first class to end of my summer has ended. One more week with my Chabot class and CCSF just ended last night. Can you say, "Let's watch a movie in class this week?"
I didn't say that.
The back's tired, the kid's tired, and the good news is that later today I'm going to the Giants game. I swear here and now that if I catch a Barry Bonds home run record breaking ball, that I'll sell it on eBay and be a happy man about it. So there's that to be wishful about. Other than that, maybe I'll see a good hot dog out of it, but not likely.
For some reason this'll be my second Bay Area Ballpark and baseball game in the week, A's and Giants, and both with my wife's company. Sweet. Pack your warm clothes for tonight's action though. It's in SF.
And the goal for today is to work on this week's episode of JP2, get some revision done, and get it done good. How'm I doing at that?
See the above for your answer.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Parsec Awards Cont'd

So I got my submissions in for the Parsecs last night. Lucky the deadline was midnight PST, actually. Here's the category I fall into and the nominees:

Good luck to all of us. (Mike B and Mark YN are the other guys in here.)

Side Note: iPhone update it's (yeah, you knew it) cool as all hell. My big thumbs are still getting used to the keypad (won't go horizontal in email mode!) but everything else is sweet! Other day I was listening to Clute and Edwards in the car and they mentioned a movie I wanted to see. When I stopped, I just added it to my netflix right there in the car, from my phone. Sweet!
Check out my new iPhone page if you've got one: live streaming.

More to come!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Oh, shizz,
I'm home, I have the thing, it's syncing my pics and some playlists and I'm... well... fuck, it's pretty exciting, I have to admit.
Like a kid with a new toy.

Merry Xmas in July.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Parsec Awards Nominee

So tonight I got an email from the Parsec (Podcasting) awards people saying the both Jack Wakes Up and A Long Way from Disney were nominated for Parsec awards. Very cool. Thanks to whoever nominated me out there.

Here's what I got:
On behalf of the podcasting community, we wish to congratulate you for your recent nomination for a Parsec Award for the following podcast(s):
A Long Way from Disney - Best Non-Speculative Fiction
Jack Wakes Up - Uncategorized Submissions

Not sure what that means about Uncategorized Submissions. Guess I'll have to categorize it. Non-Speculative Fiction seems to fit. Now the bad news is I have to come up with 10 minute excerpts for the judges to listen to and I have to do it in ONE WEEK!!

Ouch. Is that my sciatica calling again?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Megatron and the All Spark

Two mentions on the next episode to anyone who can explain to me why the All Spark killed Megatron or how Sam knew that it would. Ouch.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


This is me.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Now I'd like to call your attention to...

Sorry if you've already heard me talk about this, but I feel it needs re-mentioning.

Check out the new issue of Spinetingler Magazine online at and you'll find an excerpt of Jack Wakes Up, an interview with me, and a review of Jack Wakes Up, as well as a section on crime podcasts all in the new issue. Combine these with some other great reviews and some stellar short crime fiction, and you have something that might even be worth printing out in its entirety.

Give it a look HERE.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

File Under "Who'd Have Thunk It"

So the rejected Manuscript just sold on eBay for... $51!!
The winner is... Benedict Corpuz of Lathrop California. Thanks so much, Benedict. You're an official Palms Daddy!

Wow. I'm pretty surprised. That's about $25 more than I could've asked for it and still kept a straight face. $20 more than I would've hoped for as an outside high end. So hooray for the world of online auctions! I have to say I'm pretty happy with that. (Won't let it go to my head though, or will try not to.)
All this as my wife's out there walking across San Francisco in the midst of her 27 mile first day of the Avon walk. That's a lot of miles. I walked 13 miles once and... yeah. So I'm impressed with her for doing this and happy to say that the $51 is all going to her fundraising efforts for the walk. She's still about $800 short of her goal (they set you at $1,800!) so she can use all the help she can get. If you have a feeling like you want to give, you can do it HERE.

And thanks to everyone who bid on the manuscript. Of course it never would've gotten where it did without your bidding! Thanks again Benedict!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Newsflash/Update on Auction

Hey hey hey...
So the friggin manuscript's up to $40 now! Holy "Moorage Man" (the current high bidder). Wow. But let's not leave it at that. We can't let this guy run away with it, can we? BID HERE
The big news is I've decided that all the money from this auction will go to my wife's fundraising for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this weekend. So whatever this thing nets all goes to a good cause: breast cancer research. Come on, ladies, I'd say it's a call to arms, but it's really even closer to your hearts. (Ouch. that was kind of a bad one. Sorry.)

So that's the news: it all goes to charity. That even means you can write it off on your taxes!! So come on, buy that sucker!! The software I needed has been provided to me by a listener, so I'm all good. Now Joelle and Avon need your help!

ALSO: in other news, the new issue of Spinetingler Magazine is now out and it's got a whole feature on podcasting crime! Featured are Clute and Edwards' three podcasts and yours truly! Check it out to read a new INTERVIEW, the first two chapters of JWU EXCERPT, and a REVIEW of Jack Wakes Up!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bidding Going On

Hey there...
Now I can see some bidding happening over there on the ebay listing for the rejected MS. I should mention again that it's the complete MS, all 270 pages of Jack Wakes Up, completely unmarred by anything that an agent would term "reading." Just imagine what might come of this thing if/when Jack Wakes Up gets to be a major first book in the Jack Palms Crime series and even maybe a movie? I'll be writing them and podcasting them; you can count on that.

So throw your hat in. Think of the history that could be yours...