Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Q&A Special Episode is Now HERE

Direct link to Q&A Episode with Big-O and guests.

No need to Challa at your boy today. Now you can listen in to last Saturday's event where OVER 30 listeners called and joined in to holler at me in live action internet. We had a great time and I thank everyone who showed up for making this a great event for me!

Onward toward Palms Sunday!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thanks for a great Q&A

Big thanks to Big-O and everyone who came to the live Q&A today on Talkshoe. I had a really great time.
We talked for over an hour. Will be posted on my feed on Monday!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Q&A Sat 10/27 4PM EST, 1PM Pacific

Not only is Jack Palms taking over Tokyo, but I will be doing a live Q&A event with Big O of tecnhnofodder tomorrow at 4PM EST that you can access by phone, internet, or skype!!

I'm really looking forward to speaking with many of you there tomorrow. Getting excited already.
There are two ways you can participate/listen:
First thing you need to do is go to and register to get your nine digit pin number.

THEN dial 724-444-7444 from any phone or skype account and enter the code 27091 and then your 9 digit pin. This'll let you talk and listen in.

OR: if you just want to listen via your computer you can download the TalkShoe software and sign in to the chat room where you'll be able to type in comments, listen, and maybe even add voice. (I confess I'm not sure.) Plus of that is that Soccergirl's promised to read your questions out loud.

OK. I'm hoping to speak to many of you there tomorrow. Should be great.
Until then, look how Jack Palms is taking over Tokyo!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New "True" Story

"The True Story" is now out from Steel City Review. Have a look, check it out, tell your friends all about it!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Video Me!!

Yes, yes, yes. I've now made my first web video. My first vidcast, if you will. And I'm predictably pretty excited about it! I'm like, Yeah! A video! With me in it!
With Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff talking it up! Pretty frigging cool, I think.
So for today, check out me and my T-shirt and my mug talking about Writing Dialogue!

Direct link to the video.

Link to Mark's site with me on it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's More fun than PME?

Well, to look at this picture, not a whole hell of a lot. But in reality, nothing's more fun lately than working with rockstar graphic designer Jerry Scullion (Scullion Design Works) on the new cover for the print edition of JWU. Yeah, that's right. I said print edition. Sometimes I still have to stop myself and recognize what that means. What does it mean? I don't really know yet completely, but I'm finding out. AND here's the cool new low-res version of the cover idea that Jerry's cooked up.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Email UP and 1 Min How To (A Martini!!)

OK. Email's back up now. Good geez!
Good news, and way better news is me on The One Minute How To today.
Come on over and check out how I make a Dry Vodka Martini!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Interview on Crime Always Pays

Oh what a week it's been! Serious. But while I keep my hat on and try to get things situated following PNME in Ontario, check out this most-recent interview of mine over at Crime Always Pays. It's the cat's pajamas, or even better yet, the fur that surrounds the car underneath those pajamas.

Did I mention that there are only 3 more episodes of JP2: This Is Life?? OMG!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Times at the PNME!!

Word up. Yeah, so for those of you who weren't there, PNME this year was really good. I definitely had a good time, which is saying something. Never seen so many iPhones, never seen so many folks twittering--seriously, like mad. This whole world of twit-friends is all new to me. Thing is, I tried it. Great for the conference, maybe not so great for real life. If you're on there and/or want to try it, go to and then follow me. I'm "sethharwood"

Met some really cool and good folks at PNME and learning about some of the very coolest in other podcasts out there was definitely a highlight. I'm sure I'll add to this list as the day goes on, but for now, some of the great folks I met and shows I heard about are: Jeff Sass (no show), Brian Ibbott (Coverville), Mikel O.D. (Most People Are DJs), the good folks from Podcast User Magazine, Les Zaldor (Zaldor's World), C.C. Chapman (Accident Hash) who's clearly something of a podcasting hero, Dan Klass (The Bitterest Pill), Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User) thanks for the ride, Victor, Elsie Escobar (Elsie's Yoga Class), Pistachio, Darusha Wehm (Beautiful Red), and a whole other series of folks, hosts, and others who I'll probably remember right after I post this and then I'll have to post again.

Needless to say, it was a business card frenzy and I gave out a ton of mine, as well as stickers (don't worry you can have some too if you email me your address), and all kindsa good will.
New thing is these little business cards called "Moo Cards." People were all excited about these, but all I did was manage to lose the ones I got. I met Evo Terra!! Yes, that's another guy I met! Evo finally. Wow. Good. And Mark Y. Nemcoff, who turned out to be one hell of a lot cooler than I'd have guessed from his podcasts (no offense, Mark), and even... the guys from Ask A Ninja!! I'm pretty sure I met the official ninja from the show, but you'll have to download episode 17 and listen to get that full story.